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Keller Interiors was founded by a second-generation flooring installer and the success of the business is directly attributed to the philosophy that we are only as good as the business partners we contract with.

Qualifying the right business partners who are committed to the same exceptional level of customer service, craftsmanship and professionalism is an ideal that’s at the core of our founding and success. Keller Interiors knows that if we hold a high, but fair, standard, then our business partners win as well with growing businesses and personal development to pass on to their families.

Small/Owner-Operator Business Partnerships

Originating and running as a small business for many years, Keller Interiors prides itself in the values of hard work, sweat, quality workmanship and the commitment that is required. Small business is the backbone of the United States and we are proud to give back to that community of businesses where Keller got its start. When we invest in the right partners, the customer wins, the independent subcontractor wins and Keller wins!

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