professional quality


We are your flooring installation professional.

Our commitment is to provide you quality and professional installation services based on the premise that there will be no “surprises” on your installation date.

The following guidelines will help ensure a smooth installation:
  • Prior to any installation project, a thorough and accurate measure is key to making sure the independent subcontractor is walking into a jobsite with all necessary materials and tools. 
  • The in-home measure will be completed with the latest technology in laser measuring and tablet capturing for a fast and easy process. 
Things You Should Know
  • As is true with any construction project, not all work can be anticipated when existing flooring is still in place potentially masking damage or other unforeseen concerns.
  • Any home built in 1978 or before will require a lead assessment to be facilitated in accordance with federal EPA-RRP guidelines for lead-based paint work practices.
We make scheduling easy
  • Our office will contact you to select a convenient installation date and arrival time frame.
  • We will also re-contact you the day before your scheduled installation to review and confirm the appointment in detail.
  • Depending on your communication preferences, we can set up communication to take place via phone, email or even text message.
Things You Should Know
  • Weather conditions can have an impact on your scheduled installation.  The independent subcontractors need a dry place outdoors to cut and prepare your product before they bring it into your home.  We will do our best creatively to maintain any appointment, but some weather conditions can cause rescheduling.
What you need to do before the independent subcontractor arrives
  • Unplug, disconnect and remove all electronics and electrical items from the installation area including lamps, computers, smart home devices, TVs, stereos, etc.
  • Make sure that all furniture surfaces, bookcases, shelving and media cabinets are completely cleared and emptied.
  • Remove all small items, breakables, valuables, and antiques from area of installation.
  • Remove pictures, mirrors, drapes, wall hangings and art from walls along paths for furniture moving, flooring removal and new installation.
  • Remove sheets and covers from beds in areas of new installation.  Break down bed frames and remove items from under the beds.  
  • Clear closet floors and remove any low-hanging items up to 3 feet high off the floor.
  • Review with the independent subcontractor any special instructions for water and/or gas lines.  Also, notify the installer of any wiring running under the carpet/existing flooring or near the baseboards.
  • Make sure adequate power, lights, ventilation and heat is available 24 hours prior to, during and after installation.
  • Please ensure children and pets are not in the installation area during installation.
Things You Should Know
  • The independent subcontractor will not move certain items such as antiques, electronics, pianos, pool tables, waterbeds, adjustable beds, aquariums, safes, pinball machines, exercise equipment, grandfather clocks, etc.
What to Expect
  • The independent subcontractor will arrive within the specified time frame window to introduce their team and conduct a pre-installation inspection and review the job in detail with you.  They will confirm the correct color/sizes/rooms to be completed before the installation begins.  They will discuss with you a list of any existing damage found before starting.
  • The independent subcontractor will review with you seam placement (if needed) and any special work that may be required before they begin along with any damage to the sub-floor that may prevent the job from being installed as sold.  Unforeseen sub-floor problems may prevent the job from being installed as sold and require you to pay for additional material and/or labor.  Concrete moisture levels will be tested again the day of installation and could delay or prohibit installation.
  • The independent subcontractor will move furniture as directed by their work order.  If movement of any item is questionable, they will stop and discuss the matter with you.
  • The independent subcontractor will complete your work in accordance with all manufacturer guidelines and industry standards.
  • The independent subcontractor will make a post-installation inspection with you to guarantee your complete satisfaction.
Clean Up
  • The independent subcontractor will clean, sweep and/or vacuum areas after installation.
  • Surplus materials will be placed on your premises where you want them.
Things You Should Know
  • The independent subcontractor will not remove any vinyl or vinyl tile in homes built prior to 1986 due to potential asbestos.
  • The use of approved underlayment or embossing levelers will normally be required for vinyl, vinyl plank, tile, wood or laminate.
  • Vacuum your old carpet prior to removal in order to reduce the amount of dust and other particulates.
  • Once your installation is complete and even after the independent subcontractors leave your home, you will receive a call from the Keller Interiors office staff to review your installation and make sure you are completely satisfied with the installation.
  • You may also receive a call to survey your installation experience and rate the craftsmanship and professionalism of the independent subcontractors who completed your work.  It is our companies’ purpose to make sure you were given a positive and differentiated experience.  If, for any reason, your installation experience was less than exceptional, please contact our local office and discuss with management.  
  • Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your home renovation project.  We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for future projects.  Also know that a portion of your purchase went to serve others as well.  Click here to learn more.
Things You Should Know
  • Keller Interiors and independent subcontractors warrant residential installations for 1 year from the date of installation for all flooring surfaces.
  • Product, stain and cleaning product warranties should be reviewed with you by your sales associate. Make sure you know your warranties.