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Leland Long, Traci Halloran, Barbara Leopard, Ginny Milligan, Brandon Lowell, & Kyle Keller

Traci Halloran


Traci is the Installation Manager and joined the Keller Team in the summer of 2012. Her experience and training in the flooring industry started 16 years ago when she began installing with her husband. For several years, she worked for a large installation company, managing installation crews in several different markets in both residential and commercial projects. She comes to us with possessing a "can do" attitude and an even stronger background in customer service. Her ability to solve job site issues quickly and her extensive flooring knowledge make her a tremendous asset to our Team. Her goals are to provide quality installations as well as excellent communication with the customer.

Ginny Milligan


Ginny joined Keller Interiors from an Office Manager position with a large plumbing group. Ginny is used to a fast-paced environment in the office, but knows how to give customers and business partners that one-on-one feel when talking about their specific job. Ginny has many years of experience in the field of dealing with contractors and homeowners as her husband is a plumber and runs his own business. Ginny is the proud mother of 2 children and enjoys spending time with them and watching sports teams from her hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

Barbara Leopard


Barbara Leopard is originally from NY and has joined us from an Office Manager position with a local construction company.  She is the Head of the Accounting and Human Resource Department overseeing all the Keller offices.  Her husband has been working as a Master Plumber for the same local company for 40 years. She loves to read and to ride her Harley Davidson for relaxation.

Kyle Keller


Son of president and owner, David Keller, Kyle joined the company in July 2013. He is the company-wide recruiter as well as the Assistant Installation Manager in Charleston. He grew up following his father by helping to lay floors at a young age and learning the trade inside and out. Kyle graduated with a business degree at the University of South Carolina and spends some of his time traveling to our other offices helping manage and fill in where needed, as well as, help run the crews in Charleston.

Leland Long


Leland is the Information Technologies (I.T.) Director and joined the Keller Team in 2012. His 20+ years experience of developing FileMaker Pro databases systems and administering Macintosh systems will facilitate his goal of helping Keller Interiors to better serve their customers and promote a competitive advantage in the global marketplace. He enjoys cooking, kayaking, flying, is a father of 3 children, and has 5 grandchildren.

Brandon Lowell


Brandon, son in law of David Keller, joined the company in 2007. With experience in the construction industry and a marketing degree, Brandon hit the ground running as a Project Manager. He has an eye for detail and exceptional communication skills which enables him to successfully manage the installation crews in addition to working closely with business partners, existing customers as well as new and potential customers. Brandon's dedication and commitment are evident through his strong relationships with those around him and the quality of his work.

Danielle Lowell


Danielle is the daughter of David Keller, President and Owner, and joined the company in the summer of 2006. Her responsibilities as the Accounting Manager are to ensure sound financial operations and decisions in all four Keller Interiors locations. Danielle believes there is no better place to utilize her degree in business management than in the family business, by helping the company to grow and develop to meet the needs of the employees, clients and business partners.

David Keller


Our company is based on a family tradition of superior floor covering and ceramic tile installation services. My family began a store much like today’s decorator stores back in the early 60’s. Many things have changed since those days in products and installation techniques but good customer service hasn’t. Working in the family business from an early age, I was always reminded of that and I believe that has helped shape our business of today.


I was fortunate to have spent several years in the less “techie days” of the early 80’s working with Apple and IBM through VAR programs The experience gave us the ability to create custom software that put us at the forefront in handling our client’s orders and concerns. Today, we believe we have the best systems in place to monitor your order from the beginning to the end and any warranty issues if and when they arise.


Our first installation workroom was started in 91’ in Atlanta. Today we have over 11 offices throughout the country applying the principles we’ve learned in over 40 years in the business. These offices are managed with experienced flooring people that will give you quick local service. Only installers that have passed our litmus test for excellence are used and must have certifications for their perspective fields. Good communication skills are a must!


We have been blessed with some of the best accounts in the industry, past and present. Companies who put customer satisfaction and quality installation at the top of their priorities are whom we partner with. The principle of applying the “golden rule” to business and the art of handling a problem the “right way” when and if one occurs has been our working formula. Thanks for those who have helped build our business and to those who will in the future.

Our Crews



Our crews take great pride in their work. They are professionally trained and certified to install all types of flooring such as Amtico, Armstrong, Bruce, Congoleum, Karastan, Mohawk, Orcon, Pergo, and Wilsonart to name a few. Our installers hold certifications with many other industry leaders such as CFI, NFIC, and CRI. These include certification levels such as Residential I, Residential II, Commercial I, Commercial II, and Master II. All of our installers hold several of these certifications.




From the office workers to the job site foreman, all Keller Interior employees are dedicated to very high standards, to bring our clients the satisfaction and peace of mind they deserve. We strive to maintain a spirit of excellence and bring you only premium services to your home or business.




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